Double check how firmly bolt attached with the structure because it is the main thing which is going to carry your weight. If you have a drill then pre-drilling a 1/8" hole will make it screw in easier, but you don't need it. So you’ve read this post, have done your research, and have decided to use a tree or two to hang your hammock. To maximize the ability to adjust the length of the hammock independent of the height, I thought I would borrow from the Turtledog DIY hammock stand and suspend a length of top rail from the eye bolts sort of like in the picture below. These measurements should result in the rings of the hammock hanging approximately 6 ft above the ground and 9 ½ to 10 ft apart for the arc that is most comfortable. This is actually very easy to accomplish. Whether you’re using an eye-bolt (or other hooks) or straps (eco-friendly or not), I think you should monitor the trees you are using. phone: 612-922-4872 the upshot is- the less slack in your hammock, the more horizontal force you are putting on each eye bolt- at a 30 degree angle from the horizontal, you're actually putting about 165 lbs of force on each eyebolt. #Step3 – Tightly insert the eye bolt. As for what to use for to hang the actual hammock from, any 3/8 Eye bolt would work, 1/4" stainless steel would be fine too, something like a 500lb load rating, that's per eye. * Post length allows for 1 ft underground and 6 in above eye bolt. Hang Indoors or Outside! A Hammock Hanging Guide to help you kick back in a Hammock or Hanging Chair. From Princess Auto, a single bolt plus shipping would have been $28. Hanging the hammock will also require the use of carabiners, ropes, eye-bolts, and pins. Just make sure to use screws that are made to penetrate much deeper into the wall. But that doesn’t mean you can’t hang your hammock from it either. If you prefer to keep it simple, then you can also attach it using a handle and keep it low. I often get asked how to hang a hammock inside. ... Wrap two ropes around the beam or post and attach each rope to an eye of the hammock (using a knot or carabiner). Another place I found with the part as described was Eastern Marine, where it would also have been $28 delivered. joists and though bolt them with a 1/2" eye bolt. You can hang a hammock permanently on a porch or inside a room. I wanted the removable eye bolts, so, went searching. This video shows the process for hanging a hammock indoors.. I finally got around to trying a hammock. I’ve been using large metal eye bolts for years, but there are also hanging kits specifically made for hammocks, including the ENO Hanging Kit.. Decided to check McMaster-Carr. Thread a heavy-duty eye lag bolt 5/16-inch diameter-by- 4 ¾ inches long into the pilot hole you drilled in one wall. Subtract this amount to determine how high to hang hammock from a tree. A hammock hanging nearby is an appealing call to leisure and relaxation. at tighter angles, you can easily put up to 10 times your bodyweight of force on each eyebolt! Choose a hammock on a stand for easy placement just about anywhere around a yard, or select a portable hammock to hang outdoors between trees for camping trips. Hang Your Hammock from Trees, Porch, Beams or a Stand. #Step4 – Attach the s-hook spring with the eye bolt and hang a hammock chair to the other side of the s-hook. The process is straightforward: