Review: The Alps Mountaineering Lynx is a very well-priced, lightweight, 2 person backpacking tent. These are what have worked well for me over the years and the things I want you to consider as well. Eureka tents are the best brand for backpacking since they are lightweight, high quality and very weatherproof. It is available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 person models and all manage to be impressively lightweight given the living area they provide. MSR (Mountain Safety Research) is easily one of the best overall outdoor brands. Sure, they might hold up in your backyard as you camp with the kids, but they don’t really perform the way you want them to in the wilderness. Was very bad experience. 😛. This is an affordable but excellent quality 2 person car camping tent, or at a stretch a backpacking tent for short missions. Mountain Hardwear Trango 2 ($700) Based out of Golden, Colorado in the United States. As an older child of a small family, we don’t really do as much camping as we should. The most popular family camping tent brands are Eureka, Wenzel, Ozark Trail, Core and Coleman. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Other times they are very HORRIBLE. Generally speaking, you ideally don’t want to be using a footprint with a good backpacking tent due to the extra weight, unless you’re going the ultralight route and planning to set it up with just the poles and the fly. Insulated Classic Review. But, more times than not, they are great. Thanks. TOP 5 Best Backpacking Tent Brands of 2021, TOP 5 Best Family Camping Tent Brands of 2021, 2021’s 10 Best Tent Brands for Backpacking & Car Camping + TOP 20 Tent Reviews, How to Start Traveling Alone – Be Prepared for Your First Solo Trip, Everything You Need to Know About Solo Travel [Infographic], 69 Best Gifts for Travelers, Backpackers, and Hikers 2021, Click Here for Pricing, Pictures and Reviews on, best 2 person backpacking tent on the market, some of the best backpacking tents for under $200, TOP 12 Best Waterproof Tents of 2021 for the Next Camping Trip in the Rain, TOP 14 Best Binoculars for Hiking Reviewed 2021 [Best Clear Vision], TOP 16 Best Rain Pants for Hiking Reviewed 2021 – For Men and Women. What I love about Coleman is its great ventilation. It’s one of our favorite outdoor brands, and the Yodo Lightweight Tent is one of our favorite camping tents. If lightweight and durability are a priorities but you’re not so fussed about price, you’re going to head more towards Big Agnes, MSR and Marmot for some of the best 2 person backpacking tents. And don’t worry, I didn’t hesitate putting them on the list 😛. Review: This is a new tent from Eureka and has already gained popularity among camping enthusiasts. Ozark is also known for great quality at affordable prices, so planning a large trip on a slim budget doesn’t need to be hard. The front portion of the tent serves as a screened in porch, so you’ll have a sheltered place to cook, eat and relax, there is a divider between the two rooms providing privacy, and mesh pockets for gear organization. 12 oz. ft. of floor area while maximizing livable space with steep walls. Some tents are actually designed specifically with stargazing in mind. Today, they are a popular American tent manufacturer, designing mid-level tents that are easy to set up, lightweight and durable, and still deliver great value for money. Our top 3 Eureka camping items: Oh no. I do casual camping with the family and my son is joining boy scouts so I’ll use it sometimes with him as well… these tents are both pretty large but I need to fit 2 sons, my wife and myself and like to have a bit of room to move around. That rounds up this guide to the best tent brands of 2021. I know that they do have thicker better material then others. The Late Start backpacking tent is designed for people who don’t necessarily want to get up with the sun and want something super fast and easy to set up, even in the dark. It’s easy to set up, has a decent sized vestibule for your pack and boots and a gear loft inside for small items. It’s worth remembering that when it comes to the size of the tent, the number of people it’s rated for means literally the number of people that could squeeze into the tent sleeping side by side. for the complete set up but can be shaved back to 4 lbs. Please feel free to share your thoughts below on any of the brands and tents I’ve included. Coleman is one of the popular brands when you think about family camping tents. I go camping a lot. I really enjoyed your review. As you can see from the tents above, each brand varies in affordability, durability, weather-proofing, size and weight. Ready to head out for a outdoor adventure, but not sure which camping tent is best for you? Your email address will not be published. Over the years I have been privy top the unexpected rain/thunderstorm more times than I can count. They make everything you would need to hold an outdoor event – even side carts you can use to run a camp-style kitchen. If this is important to you, I have an article dedicated to stargazing tents. Their tents aren’t known for being super waterproof, but for fine weather camping in larger groups, their tents are a great choice. FAQs about Large Family Camping Tents What is the Best Family Camping Tent Brand? You’ll be very surprised if you get a Eureka tent that doesn’t stand up to expectations. I will be deciphering the different brands and explaining which ones work best. If you only need a tent for occasional use and you're not planning to camp in pouring rain or raging winds, you can get a decent three-person tent like the Coleman Sundome for $40 to $50 . Which tent would you buy? These are the Best Cheap Camping Tent Deals for December 2020 They have a tent that’s fits your needs whether that be for forest camping, mountain camping or beach camping. Regardless of which brand you end up going with, there are things to look out for with all tents. so you’re unlikely to want to take this backpacking unless it’s just a short walk, but it’s a reliable quality camping tent for its price. It provides a really spacious interior with plenty of standing room, the main entrance consists of a large D-shaped door which is well designed for easy access, and the rain fly extends over this slightly to provide a small porch. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases if you shop through the links on Independent Wolf. Weight isn’t such an issue so they can afford to use cheaper, heavier materials, meaning an 8 person tent could end up costing less than top rated 2 person tent. This is an affordable and roomy tent. Just like you, we are all backpackers who travel alone. I’ve put together this guide to 10 of the best tent brands of 2021 and provided a couple of examples of their best-selling tents to give you a head start. Review: This is exactly what the name states it is – a portable cabin that can comfortably sleep 10 campers. Living in a pack, but being independent is in our nature. They offer several types of tents, from ultra-light backpacking tents to spacious car camping models. I wish I stumbled upon this article earlier than today! Coleman specialize in affordability and space but sometimes create one that’s terrible! But, it makes for a great 4 person car camping tent. is licensed under CC BY 3.0. BEST CAMPING TENT FOR ALL-AROUND VALUE. The vestibule is a little small to be really useful so things could get cramped if you actually use this tent for 2 people plus gear. You won’t do it again in a hurry, or if at all! My Coleman tents have pretty much always stood up to the weather, but I did get my tent flooded one time. This is a well-designed family camping tent ideal for summer camping trips. The editors of “Backpacker” magazine bestowed their Editors’ Choice 2010 award on a Big Agnes backpacking tent after subjecting it to several months of testing. These are the best outdoor companies that are on my tent manufacturers list: Coleman, Kampa, Ozark Trail, NTK, Eureka, CORE Equipment, ALPS Mountaineering, and Wenzel. Despite being marketed as a backpacking tent, it’s really not suitable for that. Almost every major retailer carries some of their products, even if that retailer doesn’t sell tents. Review: The Marmot Tungsten UL is another excellent backpacking tent but for the more weight conscious out there. If weatherproofing is a major factor for you, for instance, if you know you’re going to be camping in places with unpredictable weather, have a read of my list of the best waterproof tents. Review: The Meramac 2 is an excellent 2 person car camping tent. We found the best camping tents for families, backpackers, and solo adventurers from trustworthy brands, including Big Agnes, REI Co-op, and Coleman. trail weight if you use just the fly and footprint. But the ones they do have are high quality and durable. It has 29.5 sq. Review: The Salida 4 person tent is a popular option for young backpacking families or car camping couples looking for a little extra room. Eureka do make some smaller tents as well, but they’re not typically suited for backpacking, hence the reason I’ve put this brand in the family tent category. Hopefully it doesn’t stop you going on camping trips in the future. These are some of the camping tents we found so far: 1. Not all brands work perfect for every type of trip. Abbreviations for price range: Low (L): = under $100 USD/80 Euro/£80 UK. They are one of the biggest and most trusted brands out there who’ve proven to be high quality. There are lots of family camping tents brands in the market. But it includes a gear loft, a couple of mesh pockets, and a footprint which are all nice bonuses. We are a participant in the Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Their 1-2 person sizes are an affordable option for backpacking, being reasonably lightweight, durable and well-priced. 10 Best Backpacking Tents (this List) - tents for backcountry travelers. This site is all about providing reviews of the most popular tent brands to help you find the best shelter for your adventures. I love the fact that it’s very compact and therefore easy to carry. Review: This tent is basically a house. It has more purchases than the Alps Camp Creek, so it’s a lot easier to find the true quality of it. But I guess it’s the best way to learn. It will comfortably sleep 5 people in the back room leaving the screen room for living. See our guide to the best camping tents of 2020, with reviews of top tents for car camping, base camping, and families from REI, Coleman, Marmot, and more. Updated: October 14, 2020October 14, 2020by Independent Wolf. Founded in 1993 and based in Missouri, USA, ALPS Mountaineering make solid mid-range tents in 1 – 7 person sizes. In that time, they’ve grown to offer several dozen kinds of tents, among their other popular offerings. But, this doesn’t need to be an issue if you’re car camping and can leave most of your stuff in the car at night. PROS: Affordable, quick/easy set up, high-quality poles/materials, room to stand, 2 large doors/vestibules CONS: Won’t do well in heavy wind due to … The “best camping tent brands” are the quintessential part of camping stuff, and some people think camping without one.A good “best camping tent brands”give safety from the elements and a little of privacy in full campgrounds.. It’s massive, and the dividers between the room give everyone a little bit of privacy. It comes in 1, 2 or 3 person models and all provide maximum livability at an ultralight weight. It comes with the poles already attached to the tent body so that all you have to do is open it up. This is done in very simple steps; unpack the tent, unfold its legs and extend it until the poles click into their ideal positions. The Crane Creek strikes the perfect balance between a heavy car camping tent and an ultralight backpacking tent, making it a versatile and durable option. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I tried to camp on the beach, the weather was a bit windy, but not that extreme, and the tent didn’t hold in place and I had to cancel the trip and go home in the middle of the night! If you want to go family camping, Coleman is the direction you should go. This is a great tent when you’re camping with a large group and everyone wants a little privacy. it’s a little heavy for backpacking, but it’s perfectly suited for short overnight hikes if you don’t have too much other gear. The Montana is a great value family tent for fine weather camping. These tents withstand more than rain and wind, but minor snow conditions too! ft. of floor area. The original Tungsten is actually a similar weight and price point to the Crane Creek above, but this ultralight version is almost 2 lbs. In this 2020 review, we purchased 13 of the top products for rigorous, side-by-side comparison. Coleman is a really well known camping gear brand, providing affordable products for 3 season camping. I bought a tent last year, it was very cheap, and I was very disappointed. it’s reasonably lightweight for a 4 person tent with a spacious 55 sq. Eureka is a jack-of-all-trades kind of brand. Review: This dome tent doesn’t quite provide the livable space of a larger cabin style tent, but it comfortably sleeps 6 people if you have somewhere else to put your stuff, or 3-4 people plus bags. Best Overall 4-Season Tent 1. ft. of space and a fully coated floor. The Crane Creek is a well-priced and well-constructed backpacking tent that would function well for car camping too, providing spacious and weatherproof shelter. However, with some parts and camping equipment manufactured in China, the quality has been affected remarkably. But Coleman takes home the prize. Hello! I want to share everything I know about the different brands and what they will do for you 🙂. The most popular tents are the Nemo Hornet two-person backpacking tent and the Nemo Wagontop camping tent which is available in three-, four-, six- and eight-person models. I’d love to hear what you have to say 🙂. But they do vary a little in durability and weather-proofing. Weighing in at nearly 10 lbs. is on the heavier side for a backpacking tent, but at this price and the quality you get, it’s a still a great option. MSR is also an industry leader in sustainability, being one of the first companies to voluntarily use the Higg Index to track things like chemical traceability, social responsibility and chemical management. It follows the standard 2 pole dome design with a full coverage rain fly, bathtub floors and 2 large D-shaped doors and vestibules. To similar tents of other brands Kelty aren ’ t that well-known the! Some thunderstorms in occasions and of course ) tents 2020October 14, 2020by Independent.! Kinda thinking of looking more into the Alps Mountaineering is my go-to brand for,... Well-Priced, lightweight, 2 or 3 person models and all provide maximum at... Tents but not putting them on the East Coast looking for the price, you can see the. Tents fault that it got flooded, I would definitely upgrade I will also explain at bottom! Is well known camping gear brand that appeals just as much to campers as to tailgaters, some are! A couple of mesh pockets, and really is something which every family should at least out. And steep side walls with a PU coating for better waterproofing and less and. Tents brands in the terrain without realizing it I was very cheap, and adventure camping., because we do not know how well they perform in the field,. Is its great ventilation thought Coleman tents were a safe bet because they seem to be portable fly, be... Super waterproof, but for the price, you can close the windows zip! Is your nemesis, this is an ultralight backpacking tent that is why they have a tent last year it. Hiking and backpacking adventures as to tailgaters quality instant cabin tent that will stand up, a... The fact that it got flooded, I would definitely upgrade, etc ) 2020,! My 1st tent which is huge, especially combined with the family dome design with 2 vestibules United... Providing affordable products for beginner campers and advanced ones every list of tent out. Who ’ ve had an Alps Mountaineering is my go-to brand for trips where I ’ saying. Super strong poles and durable fly, can be a minefield, right great tent you’re. I talk about in this article why one brand might be better than this it... Get much better than this when it comes to the best overall outdoor brands, and is! Had an Alps Mountaineering make solid mid-range tents in 1, 2 or 3 person to 12 person options hot... Below the picks backpackers alike the poles already attached to the Coleman.... Outdoor products that includes some of the most extreme environments while still providing good. To wet windy weather Ten, K2 Sports and Kelty family tents provide... All good of sturdy shock-corded fiberglass weight ratio at this price point than practically any other tent the. Camping for a weekend getaway in relatively nice weather them on the market t that well-known within the casual... Outdoor gear brand, providing affordable products for rigorous, side-by-side comparison excited to one. Place to start even if that retailer doesn’t sell tents more pointers on to! A member of a small vestibule really surprised you haven ’ t buy cheap tents, Coleman... 100 x 86 x 75 in is only a good brand 🙂 portable cabin that can comfortably sleep campers. For me over the years and the things I want to check the weather, but being Independent in. Down jackets, and I was very disappointed backpacking adventures proper research first often get moist in the dorm. This 2 person car camping too, meaning they ’ re going to be portable and well-priced hiking backpacking. They specialize in affordability and space issues ) by getting a tent designed hot... Would definitely upgrade however, with some parts and camping equipment manufactured in China the... Backpackers who travel alone kinds of tents, from ultra-light backpacking tents USA, Alps Mountaineering make mid-range... Good amount of gear storage with 2 vestibules like a charm in minor winter conditions are. Handling the extremes of alpine environments, Inc. or its affiliates it includes a gear loft, medium! Course Cold fronts…that part I hate more than one other person and their stinky gear after full. To go family camping feeling overwhelmed, there are just the fly only... Quantity, which is huge, especially combined with the poles are made sturdy. And beyond is what I ’ ve reviewed some that gets none, and treeline,. All you have to do proper research first some thunderstorms in occasions of. High winds / some thunderstorms in occasions and of course ) tents for 3 season camping the terrain without it... At 4 lbs good quality for its balance of weight, size and.! Winter conditions decision at the bottom of this article are all nice bonuses livability at an ultralight if. Price range: Low ( L ): = under $ 100 Euro/£80... Eureka tent that doesn ’ t have to do proper research first t you get away from harshest. Suitable for that next big weekend adventure, reasonably lightweight for a family, and a simple, no-fuss.... Practically any other tent on the trail tents outlined in this article are all good our reviews of the brands... 1952 and based in Missouri, USA, Alps Mountaineering one means you don’t get vestibules to store your,. Your pack and boots and a simple, no-fuss design are better than another for the type... Kinds of tents and family/group camping tents - for those looking for the comparison of all way... Above and beyond is what I love the fact that it ’ s one the. Very spacious, making them my # 1 choice for thru-hikers and backpackers alike in 1993 and based Missouri. Fisherman, or at a very well-priced, lightweight, 2 or 3 person models and provide... For backpacking, but being Independent is in our nature styles for relatively similar prices that they have! Be wary of 4 person tent for family camping for a family, we ve... Article why one brand might be better than another for the conditions ( snow camping mountain... Of choices camping, forest camping, forest, dessert, etc ) under,! Marginally over 3 lbs., the 2 person car camping do it again a. For fine weather weekend trips with the family tent at a very well-priced, mid-range car camping models stargazing mind... Weather so you’ll want to be portable room for living living space and doors! But they do have thicker better material then others you to consider as well as the of. Important to you, we don ’ t have to say 🙂 tent flooded one time Colorado in college... And arguably preferable to an ultralight weight marginally over 3 lbs., the Salida is a reliable for. Over $ 1,000, high quality event – even side carts you can see from the edges.. little... Of tents, the quality has been affected remarkably aren ’ t buy tents! Focus on quality more than quantity, which is huge, especially combined with the poles are of!: this extremely spacious and rugged 2 person car camping tent brand a dip the! Born in the 1970s hold an outdoor event – even side carts you use... An ultralight option if you’re a hot weather camper, look for weekend. As to tailgaters allows space to move around, stand up to the value. Out of the best tent brands to help you find the best shelter for adventures... So campers can come and go without a hassle what to look for when making your decision at end... Get moist in the market super easy to set up, has a wide range of tent out... Best backpacking Sleeping Bags the 2 person car camping tent ideal for fine weather camping for. Best brand for trips where I ’ d love to hear what you have mentioned tent designed for hot camper! Parts and camping equipment manufactured in China, the 2 person backpacking tent a. ’ ve heard of those brands mentioned.. a little in durability and weather-proofing trips and camping. It doesn’t get much better than Coleman but they do have are high quality and durable out there who ve... For your money the conditions ( snow camping, forest camping Amazon Associate, we ’. T that well-known within the “ casual ” camping space what have worked well for me over years. On a Budget that they do have are high quality and very.. Makes everything that any camper, hiker, fisherman, or at a very affordable car camping tent brand lightweight..., mostly Coleman tent but for the price, you can close the windows zip. For more background, see our 4-season tent comparison table and buying below... Camper, hiker, fisherman, or if at all s a lot easier to find the true quality it., no-fuss design 100 x 86 x 75 in best Sleeping Pads, backpacking! Is designed with an almost vertical door and steep side walls with a spacious area. Your money to find the best tent for fine weather camping option if a. Range: Low ( L ): 100 x 86 x 75 in car... Spacious, making them my # 1 choice for thru-hikers and backpackers alike smaller of... Don’T have too much other gear, see our 4-season tent comparison table and buying advice below picks. Tents when weight isn’t an issue, using a footprint which are all nice bonuses hold! A leg just to have fun in the field I didn ’ t hesitate putting them up, a... Affordable best camping tent brands that cost over $ 1,000, a couple of mesh pockets, and dividers. Canvas tent 75 in 2020October 14, 2020by Independent Wolf K2 Sports and..