_____ Printable/Downloadable Map. Browns Hollow-Massanutten-South Loop . The climb through the gorge on Browns Run, with small pools and waterfalls. Although none of the waterfalls on this loop hike are spectacularly tall, it’s their setting and scenery that sets them apart from the rest. If you wanted to make it a loop and quite a bit longer and more strenuous, you could park at Browns Gap Parking, Milepost 82. The hike starts at the parking lot for the now defunct New Market Gap Visitor Center on U.S. 211. ... you'll pass the access trails for Doyles River Cabin and Browns Gap Road. View 3-D Map ... A thin waterfall flowing off of Big Mountain will be to the right. Emerald Pond, with its spring fed swimming hole nestled in a small hollow off the Bird Knob Trail. There are three different places to park and start your hike. The Browns Hollow hike is the big brother to the Emerald Pond circuit, adding 3.5 miles with the addition of the Browns Hollow and Roaring Run Trails. The loop is made up of 3 trails: the AT, Groundhog Trail, and Rube Rock. This is a strenuous (almost 2800 feet elevation change) 10.1 mile loop hike which begins and ends at Brown's Gap, located along the Appalachian Trail, just a few miles southbound from Max Patch. Before long, you'll stumble upon the trail's first set of falls: Upper Doyles River Falls. This 11.7 mile hike has 3 great features: 1. Slateford Creek is located in the southernmost corner of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and is little known compared to many of the other waterfalls in the region. If you are not up for a challenge, I would suggest doing the hike clockwise. The fire road from Browns Gap to the Upper Doyles falls is downhill. If you walk the 1.5 miles of road between the Brown Canyon Trailhead and the Ramsey Canyon Visitor Center, no shuttle is required. w/Stony Lake Loop + Culvers Gap to Culvers Tower. * — Hiked: 10/18/20. Hiked: 4/13/19. Continue Stony Brook (BROWN) until back at the bathroom building. There are actually three waterfalls along a short stretch of Slateford Creek, however, the uppermost falls is the easiest of the three to reach. It continues across the Doyles River Trail to the park boundary where the fire road becomes SR629. For the next 1.9 miles the climb is gradual but becomes more tedious near the top. 83.0 Browns Gap/Rockytop/Big Run Portal (Views, loop hike) 14.6 miles/2900 ft 84.1 Jones Run Falls (42-foot waterfall) 3.6 miles/915 ft 84.8 Blackrock summit (Views) 1 mile/175 ft Calling all waterfall lovers and trail enthusiasts: one of Virginia's very own treks features two gorgeous cascades and you'll want to do it. There are several trailheads on Skyline Drive where you can start this hike—the Jones Run, Browns Gap Overlook and Doyles River parking lots are all … We parked at the Browns Gap Parking lot and did the cricut hike counter clockwise. 2. This fire road heads east and south from the junction at Browns Gap with Skyline Drive, the AT: Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (PA/MD/VA/WV), and Madison Run Road. * Return to the description above at 0.6 to continue to the other waterfall. Brown Canyon Trail can also be combined with the Hamburg Trail #122 in Ramsey Canyon to make a fine day trip loop. 3.2 – Continue on Stony Brook (BROWN) passing the Silver Mine (ORANGE) trail from earlier, on the left. Browns Creek Falls, San Isabel National Forest, August 2020.