Handmade whitewater kayak and canoe paddles. I tried using a 230 cm long double-bladed paddle to propel a MRC Traveler that has a gunwale width of 26", a 4" waterline width of 29", and a center depth of 14". Double Bladed Canoe Paddle 8 $ 43.95. DETAILS. Solo/Double-bladed Canoe Paddles Designed for solo ‘play’ and whitewater paddling. (761 sq. Let your freak flag fly with a custom whitewater, tripping or guide stick. Both blades are comprised of basswood and have rock guard edging for enhanced durability. 1. 2. SKU: Double Bladed Canoe Paddle 8 Categories: Canoe Paddles, Paddle Info & Prices. Grip Type: Classic Palm Grip Weight: 22 oz. As I researched, I found an online community of canoeists paddling solo canoes with long kayak paddles. Related products. This was appealing. Mohawk Paddles – The best dollar value in the industry. You're already a bit different. You canoe, after all. These paddles are similar to the double-bladed kayak styles but manufactured in shorter lengths with narrow, symmetrical blades keeping the solo canoeists in mind. Kayak Paddle 8 Two Piece $ 41.95. 2. Follow the decades of experiences that shape Ultimate Paddle Performance today. Of course, this is my personal opinion and would suggest trying out the various comfortable single blade paddles available while kneeling and paddling only on one side. Examples: Mohawk - 3 lbs, 4.2 oz (Yugo) Bending Branches Tailwind (laminated wood) – 3 lbs, 2.8 oz (Camry) Bending Braches Day Breeze (carbon shaft) – … Solo Canoe with a Kayak Paddle? $50. If purchasing 8 or more paddles at a time, the price is discounted to $26.00 each. Stand up Bent Paddle 9 $ 56.00. Holds single blade canoe paddles from 50" up to 63". A high-quality double-bladed, solo canoe paddle can be difficult to find, and the Bending Branches Impression is certainly one of the best available on the market. I am about 5' 11" and have slightly long arms for my height. CANOE PADDLE. Learn More. in. Junior Kayak Paddle £ 17.95 Read more; Single Bladed Canoe Paddle £ 21.45 Add to basket; Folding Kayak Paddle £ 21.45 Add to basket; Folding SUP Paddle £ 29.95 Read more; Single Bladed Fibre Canoe Paddle £ 34.95 Add to basket; Fibre Folding Kayak Paddle Jonathan Rugh woodworking, paddles and design in Blacksburg, Virginia. Fast Delivery. I still have weights (from a triple beam balance) recorded from a year’s ago magazine review of long double blade canoe paddles. Double Bladed Canoe Paddle 8 $ 43.95. Visit www.indianrivercanoemfg.com for all of your canoe needs! About Werner. 1. Blade Surface Area: 118 sq. The two-piece construction makes storage easy. Or just out of place in a canoe. 250 to 270 cm long paddles for a solo canoe. Your order will be processed, packaged and shipped quickly from our Independence, Virginia location! A love for paddling together turned the family garage into a work shop and started the journey. I began to look around for a solo boat. Sale; $39.95 $39.95 $0.00 shipping & handling to 48 States NY residents add 8% sales tax: Order Online with your credit card OR Log-in and pay thru PayPal: After growing up using a canoe paddle, the switch to kayaking led me to prefer a double blade. CANOE PADDLES. Choose one of my blades, or design your own. (624 g) Here at Bending Branches, we build all of our paddles to order (much like a fast food restaurant), so paddles do not collect dust or become dated. Holds 2-piece 260cm or 275cm double bladed paddles. Reg. A double blade is just not harmonious in a craft designed to be paddled with a single blade paddle. Replacement 8 inch Blade cm.)