Postal Address: P.O. Oct 23, 2016 - Explore Helene Hunter-Blum's board "Teaching pbis expectations" on Pinterest. See more ideas about pbis lessons, pbis, school counseling. The foundation of this system includes: 1) Explicit defining, practicing, and teaching of routines and expectations 2) … Same as the other lessons *After these lessons you can do review lessons when needed along with ticket out the door type questions. ! Less direct teaching time; Can be driven by needs in the building (i.e. 1. Lesson Six (Friday) - Review the STAR expectations focusing on the hallway. At the end of this PBIS lesson; students will demonstrate these behaviors: 1. Examples 4. These lessons need to be taught throughout the year to all students. 5 Session 4: Creating a Positive School Culture. $��e`b����2���_�'� 9�J There are a variety of lesson plans to choose from. ow do we teach social behavior? Establish Expectations for Distance Learning Environments Once educators have thought through how to meet each personality type and minimize distractions, it is important for the teacher to establish expectations for behavior and participation in virtual classrooms. 1. PBIS Lesson - Assembly Procedures lesson plan template and teaching resources. endstream endobj startxref Attached are the 9 lesson plans for areas around an elementary school (recess, library, bike racks, bus, etc). Pbis Lesson Plans – When I began educating, my first task was to compose lesson plans. November-- Reinforce PBIS Lesson Plan for Hallway & Restroom December -- Reinforce PBIS Lesson Plan for Play Ground January -- Review ALL Lesson Plans and Power points for communicating rules and expectations in the following areas: Bus, Playground, Hallway, Cafeteria, Restroom and … Same as the other lessons. This helps set the expectations beforehand to where not so much redirection and correcting needs to happen during the lesson. PBIS Lesson Plan – Mask Wearing ... [Say] “Let’s review the expectations for group.” “It is important to be safe, responsible, and respectful during group.” “We can be safe by keeping our hands and feet to ourselves and staying in our assigned seat.” These lessons will be re-taught and reinforced throughout the school year, and become a regular part of our instructional program. !Lesson!Plan!#2–!Entering!the!Bus !! !Lesson!Plan!#3–!Riding!the!Bus (i.e. Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports [Website]. MATERIALS:!!2)3!adults!–!Teaching!Poster!of!Hallway!Expectations! How and when are expectations to be taught? PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports. Stating rules positively encourages the desired behavior. PBIS. 915 0 obj <> endobj Project Officer, Renee Bradley. EXPECTATIONS & PROCEDURES LESSON PLAN SETTING: Bathrooms (Wednesday August 24th) Step 1: Review School Wide Rules We are SAFE, RESPONSIBLE, RESPECTFUL and SCHOLARLY Step 2: Teach Expectations for Specific Settings: SAFE RESPONSIBLE RESPECTFUL SCHOLARLY • Walking feet only, facing forward • Wash hands with soap and dry them with 2 towels Example Lesson Plan for Teaching School-Wide Expectations, Mental Health/Social-Emotional Well-Being, School Climate Transformation Grant (SCTG). Restroom Lesson Plan-Quick and Quiet Before entering the restroom teach routines and procedures Introduce the lesson Take your class quietly down the hallway to the restroom. Challenger Elementary and Preschool - PBIS Lesson Plan: Classroom Procedures Expectations: Classroom Procedures Be Respectful Be Responsible Be Safe Build Relationships 1. Boosters ! Review PBS Expectations And Rules on a regular basis to keep students on track with behavior and school rules. Each lesson plan goes through expectations and how students should act in that area. Lesson Seven (Monday) - Review the STAR expectations focusing on the playground and bus.