Or maybe not so surprising, since ESEE has pretty firmly established themselves as a household name in the survival knife world. You’ll just have to fiddle with it some first, although, probably a lot less than you’ll need to with the Esee Izula farther down. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. I make it a point to never be somewhere I would need fast deployment, but I appreciate the option. Do you guys make a horizontal sheath for an elk ridge Fixed Blade Knife •9.5″ Overall •440 Stainless Steel Blade With Double Blood Groove. $7.99 $ 7. It’s sturdy polymer with a stiff clip that’s tight enough to hold to your waistband. $14.99. Buy It Now. 3.5"-5.3" Fruit Knife Universal Knife Scabbard Sheath (Black Nylon) 4.4 out of 5 stars 167. I’m pretty sure we’re using all the stock sheath, belt clip, and ferrot rod it came with in that picture. They are excellent for mounting items on KYDEX® and leather carry systems and are very durable. Maxpedition 1708B UFBS Universal Flashlight / Baton Sheath, Black…. I can’t think of anything closer to what you described, though. That being said, it would be great to see Buck move the manufacturing of this knife to their U.S. factory, and offer a higher carbon steel option even though that would result in a price increase. To me, the Ghostrike looks like bunched up hemorrhoids with a pointy end, but people seem to love this knife anyway. It’s in the name. It’s really important to have knives with stiff sheath retention and a sturdy build in those situations. Leatherman Medium Sheath 934928 Black Nylon Fits Wave, Charge, SkeleTool and More Leatherman Tools $7.95. The Universal Knife Sheath from Tactical Tailor offers a versatile carrying option for most 6″ fixed blade tactical knives; pictured is the Benchmade Nimravus. I called it "universal" because it is designed to carry almost every kind of medium size, fixed blade, knife. As it stands, the Principle is a bargain at its current price point. Click here to read our Tracker X review. This is technically a drop point blade, but the slight angle on the back and the severe curve near the top on the edge make it border on a tanto, which is to say this knife is stabbier than most survival tools. This knife is Forseti’s version of the Tom Brown Tracker design. It would not be my first choice in a “nothing but a knife” in the wilderness situation, but it wouldn’t be my last choice either. Now it’s a great knife. Kydex has a lot of traits that make it perfect for a custom knife sheath. The UKS will will come in black, coyote and MultiCam at first, with the possibility of other colors to follow. RUGGED DESIGN & PROTECTION - Superior Protection from Dust, Dirt, Scratches, Mud, Rain & Snow. CMG West, LLC Snake Eye Tactical Every Day Carry Nylon Folding Knife Carrying Case Fits 5-6in. AU $59.00. dang the knife must not have protected him . It’s always nice when knife companies listen to their customers, and that’s what it looks like Gerber was doing. I know there are a lot of shops that do custom-made kydex sheaths, but I’m hesitant to recommend a site since I’ve never ordered a custom sheath from someone online. The Gerber Ghoststrike has a really versatile sheath. This was meant to ride easy on the belt or wherever you need to pack it on a boat, so don’t worry too much about how well the sheath holds the knife so much as where you plan on keeping the thing. That’s easily one of our top 5 favorite knives. It’s harder and somehow has a higher corrosion resistance and still manages to maintain enough toughness not to be a chipping danger. “As a result, we designed it so you could carry it on a leg hanger or belt or armor, however they prefer it. And the combination of the interchangeable G-clip makes it easy to adapt to your carry style. $10.99. MAXPEDITION's Universal Flashlight / Baton Holder can be adjusted in height and diameter to carry securely most flashlights and batons on the market today. I like how it has that … They should be compatible with pretty much every Kydex sheath. I would love to see Forseti Steel come out with a sheath  for this that offered a vertical carry option and a ferro rod holder. The cheaper option is the basic nylon sheath pictured below. $19.99. This fixed blade knife is big enough to easily accomplish most bushcraft and survival tasks, but it is small and light enough to do some long distance hiking without it getting in the way. They’ve outfitted it with paracord and a MOLLE compatible sheath, plus the blade has a rust resistant coating that should make it a handy blade to keep on your fishing vest. I’ll have to keep an eye out. If you want to learn more about this knife or if you just want to see more photos of it check out our review of the Boker Arbolito El Heroe. But when it’s done well, it’s hard to beat the comfort and adaptability of a tactical horizontal carry. Military Combat Knife OKC3S Fixed Blade Hunting Tactical Knife Sheath. This makes it harder to put it back in the sheath when it is behind your back. tension-locking tactical knife sheath. The company is innovative and committed to creating smart solutions for the everyday tactical equipment needs of the military, law enforcement, homeland security, and other demanding … Designed to fit and carry most 6″ fixed blade knives, the Universal Knife Sheath features a removable injection molded insert that can be easily removed for cleaning. The two big leather straps snap on behind the belt, which is trick to pull off if you want to carry this scout style. This knife was initially met with some reservations, because it’s made at Buck’s factory in China, and it uses a softer steel than most bushcraft knives, but it is such a great design that it has been winning over doubters on a regular basis. HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION - Made from Sturdy, Tear-Proof & Water-Proof Ballistic Tactical Black Nylon. It’s close to what I imagined a bushcraft kitchen knife would look like before seeing this knife. This is a new model from Gerber that has become popular very quickly. The TDI was a good design until Rick Hinderer and John Benner got a hold of it. The included nylon sheath is really versatile, and makes it easy to carry the Rat 3 in a variety of ways including on a backpack.. So if tactical is high on your list of requirements the TDI is well worth considering. It has soft, tough steel you can fix up in the field, a scandi grind that does wonders with chopping and feather sticking, and a big, comfy Micarta handle. We are currently writing an in depth review of this knife, and we will post a link in this article when we are finished. It is tough, great looking and it does an excellent job of starting fires with a ferro rod. It is pictured below with 6″ blade knives of various manufacturers. … If you have a good cord you can run it through the sheath and turn it into an almost universal carry. There’s an XL version of this with a 7-inch blade, which would normally seem ridiculous to me, but if you’re actually going to use this for butchering or food prep it might be worth going bigger. We will buy it and test it out as soon as we can get our hands on it. Arrives before Christmas. ... ESEE Knives Izula, Black 2.63" 1095 Carbon Steel Blade, Molded Sheath (Knife & Sheath Only) Very firm, strong, and great bottle opener! Check out CRKT’s “HUNT’NFISCH” a great little EDC come with a fine leather cross carry sheath…wearable anywhere. Click here to read our in depth review of the Gerber Ghostrike. When worn in the horizontal carry position the knife and sheath ride close to the body which is great if you are hiking on a small deer trail or through brush because the handle is less likely to bump into stuff. Free shipping. Copyright 2018 Nothing But Knives | All Rights Reserved | Powered by, Check here out our in depth review of the Kizer Little River Bowie Knife, Click here to read our in depth review of the Ontario Knife Company Rat 3, review of the the Forseti Steel Ironside Damascus Tracker, Click here to read our in depth review of the CRKT Spew, Click here to read our in depth review of the Gerber Ghostrike, Forseti Steel Ironside Damascus Tracker Review, Sheath: Molded polymer w/ nylon MOLLE add-on, Blade Style: Trailing point or drop point, Sheath: Polypropylene w/ Nylon MOLLE back. See more ideas about knife, knife sheath, kydex. Brand … There are two sheath options for the Rat 3. Buck clearly had military deployment in mind when they designed this thing. Looks like a cool knife. I’m not sure what knives those were, Bill. Tactical Tailor, well-known manufacturer of Berry Compliant tactical gear and combat equipment, is releasing a new Universal Knife Sheath. Esee finally started selling their knives with MOLLE compatible sheaths, so I get to add one of their micarta-handled knives to the list. Free postage. your waiting on the kids return? KNIFE WEIGHT: 444 gr. The sturdy sheath is extremely versatile and can be set up for left or right handed horizontal or vertical carry. I think I’ve made it pretty clear what I think about the term “tactical”, though. $16.79. $15.00. It has a thicker blade stock, a recurve edge, and a stout tip, so it comes off as a tougher alternative to the Guardian 3. OVERALL WEIGHT: 820 gr. Basically a lot of people love Tracker style knives and many others don’t. So cool that it is out of stock everywhere. So depending on your body type it might sit heavy. Sheath Carry-All 4in. If anyone knows where I can get a couple of replacement knives, please drop me a line. Save up to 20% when you buy … Buy It Now. Sign Up today for our FREE Newsletter and get the latest articles and news delivered right to your inbox. Nine and a half inches long is more or less standard for survival fixed blades, but this is a wide knife. This is easily one of the most popular knives, not just for horizontal carry, but for survival and fixed-blade EDC in general. Skip to main content. This model is Black coated (Tactical style) and is common on military sheaths/holsters. There’s only so much I would actually use it for, but Ka-Bar does make a pretty trusty AUS-8 steel, and I have to respect the uniqueness of design. Generally speaking, I would recommend this knife even if you aren’t looking for a horizontal carry, because if you use knives regularly you’re bound to end up using this one a lot. If you use the Tek Lok mechanism for the Rat 3’s kydex sheath you have near infinite carry options. ... Add to Basket View Sharpshooter 04 Large Universal Belt Sheath With Premium Brown Leather Construction E-mail a Friend. 5 out of 5 stars (12) Total Ratings 12, 100% agree - Would recommend. We spent several weeks testing out the Forseti Steel Ironside Tracker before deciding it deserved to be in this article. Most people equate the horizontal carry style to some kind of tactical life decision when really it’s just a comfy life decision. But let’s do the review dance anyway: The Guardian 3 is a pretty simple survival knife (the best ones usually are), but there’s an odd number of straight lines to it. We don’t actually make anything (yet); we just provide colorful commentary. AU $124.89. It weighs nearly half as much as other full-tang fixed blades of the same length. I don’t like the shape, personally. 4.5 out of 5 stars. Kydex Multitool Sheath for Gerber SUSPENSION NXT - Made in USA - Multi Tool Sheath Holder…. Check out our in depth review of the the Forseti Steel Ironside Damascus Tracker if you want to learn more about this knife. The Spew is a compact option for those will smaller waistlines who don’t want a big knife that might catch on stuff when hiking or hunting on narrow trails. The Ultimate Firearms Destination for the Gun Lifestyle, © 2020 Recoil Magazine Even I have to admit the Ghostrike is a pretty good knife, though, because this is exactly the kind of knife Gerber does really well. I wish Gerber would use similar setups on more of their fixed blade knives. The sheath is kind of involved to wear horizontally, but it will sit secure once you get it on. Equipped with a locking pin, tied to a traditional red thread, keeps each knife securely within its sheath. If you breathe you probably know about Bradford Knives by now. Click here to look at more photos and read our in depth review of the Spyderco Ronin 2. The compact size of the Tracker-X sheath makes it a great option for scout carry. Get your combat knife here. Compatible with any of Galco's modular shoulder harnesses for a fancy combo carry, the Galco SHUKA can carry most medium to large fixed blade knives, either as your primary weapon, or in place of a … ... MTech Xtreme 10" Tanto Fixed Blade Tactical Knife +Sheath MX-8071 Military Knife. These are Model 1 universal sheath/holster clips. The sheath is much more versatile than most of the more expensive knives in this article. The leather looks nice, of course, but best of all is it holds, and the belt loop is good and snug. 27 product ratings - 7.5" MILITARY TACTICAL COMBAT KNIFE w/ SHEATH Survival HUNTING Bowie Fixed Blade. Search for SKU. They were dual edge with a hole about a half inch from the back of the handle and the blade looked kinda stubby. It looks really cool. The changes to the shape and materials almost make it a completely different design with some really good ergonomic considerations. So far my fat fingers haven’t had too much trouble keeping a grip on the thing. It makes a great fishing knife, and thanks to the size and weight you can carry it pretty much anywhere, including your pocket. It might take some fiddling, but the StrongArm is pretty solid as a horizontal knife. Hey what’s the knife and set up in the first picture on this page? Tactical Slings; Women. New Universal Knife Sheath from Tactical Tailor. The sheath on this is what really drew my eye to this knife, though. 2,801 sold. Spyderco does exactly excel at sheaths for fixed blade knives, but they always work well enough. Schrade really did an impressive job with this budget friendly knife. It is a universal fit, but will also work with the ESEE Model 3 fixed blade. $15.00. Required fields are marked *. My time is spent aggressively oscillating between drinking coffee at my computer and running through the woods with pointy objects. $9.99. I think the StrongArm is definitely one of the best knives on the market for attaching to a backpack, so if you are looking for a MOLLE compatible pack knife this one is tough to beat. We also remove knives once they have been discontinued and are out of stock at most major retailers. Handbags; Women's Top Picks; Sporting Collection; All Products. Sellers with highest buyer ratings; Returns, money back; Ships in a business day with tracking; Learn More Top Rated Plus. For some reason they made the sheath lap over about a fifth of the handle when it’s inside, so there’s a chunk of plastic right where your thumb would normally go to grip and pull the thing out. There will probably be some unscrewing involved, but the Izula is one of the best horizontal carries if you’re in the market for a skeleton style knife. The SCHF31 is pretty good and it comes in a kydex sheath you can convert to horizontal with a Tek Lok. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. We are currently doing a full review of this knife and sheath, and we will post a link to the review here when it is finished. Watch; S-TEC 9" Full Tang Tactical Knife with ABS Swivel Sheath Hunting EDC - GEN 2 SL. The only downside of 65Mn over 8Cr13MoV is that it is more prone to rust, so this knife will need to be oiled occasionally, and it should always be dried before it is put back in it’s sheath. He holds to the philosophy that one should hold a knife with the thumb resting along the spine. A lot of law enforcement actually do carry this knife. TEN: Publishing Media, LLC It can be can be configured for left or right front vertical carry, left or right scout carry or left or right vertical carry. The horizontal belt carry has only ever been optimally useful to me when I’m sitting down at the dinner table. Knife Sheath Liner Mini. Knife Pouch. We will check it out. The idea behind it is to be easy to conceal and take out, and it covers that pretty well. Click here to read our in depth hands on review of the Bradford Guardian. Add to Basket View Marbles 1146 Marbles Nylon Belt Sheath knife with Black Nylon Construction with Orange Marble Embroidery E-mail a Friend. 51 sold. It’s one of those conveniently small but surprisingly hardy knives. It has a brutal spear point and thick G-10 scales that grip the hand like they have a grudge. The micarta handle is relatively short, but surprisingly comfortable and easy to grip when chopping thanks to the finger grooves. It’s definitely worth the trouble, though. You could think of it as the upgrade to H-1 steel which you’ll see in the rest of Spyderco’s Salt series and basically every diving knife ever made. We are currently testing this knife out, and we will link from this article to the review once it is done. Tactical knives are sleek, effective, and multifunctional. POD-150806, Home » Gear » New Universal Knife Sheath from Tactical Tailor. All in all a pretty unique approach with an attractive design. This article is updated regularly as we discover and test more fixed blade knives that can be worn in the horizontal and scout carry positions. I don’t climb trees, rocks, and cliff sides like I used to, but I know that a knife in the pocket or hanging from your belt onto your leg is annoying as hell, and sometimes dangerous when you’re doing that. The sheath and belt clip look to the be the same as the Ronin 2, and based on my experience with that I can say that it will be a little frustrating to convert to horizontal carry at first unless you have a magnetized torx screwdriver. And of course the scout carry is great for hiking if you have intrusively fat legs that rub against vertical fixed-blades any time you attempt a maneuver more complicated than heaving yourself straight forward and praying to God that the heart attack holds off long enough for you to eat one more jalapeno bacon burger in your life. Jan 3, 2019 - Explore ANTONIO AQUINO's board "KNIFE SHEATH", followed by 1018 people on Pinterest. This is a sturdy little blade with a thick spine, and more than a few things that make it feel similar to the Guardian 3. Click here to read our in depth Outdoor Edge Le Duck review or to just see more pictures of this cool little knife. Maxpedition 3526KF Hook-&-Loop 3" x 5" Zipper Pocket, Khaki-Folia…. The sheath comes with a removable injection molded felt … This is a new-ish knife, but it’s an old school design. Tactical Molle Magazine Pouch 5.56mm 9mm Pistol Rifle Mag Holder … You wouldn’t believe how many times I have reached back to grab one of them only to end up digging my pocket knife out to cut, pull or pry and otherwise abuse. © 2020 Recoil Magazine It features felt on the interior to shield knife blades from damage from repetitive use. It is definitely in the running for the best fixed blade on the market under $20. The blade of the Backpacker’s Bowie has a notch on the front part of the spine for breaking wire or lifting pots off a campfire without burning your fingers. Shop with Afterpay on eligible items. Hopefully we will see variations in the future that will include better steel, a sheath that can hold a ferro rod, and maybe a bigger version. While as a rule I consider most tactical knives to be stupid, I do like the big rubber handle and plain edge on this knife. I really hope TOPS revisits the sheath design in the future to make it a little more versatile. The Selkirk has an ambidextrous sheath, but the small black screws are hard to find if you drop them outdoors. Free shipping. Not sure about the belt, though. The balance of the knife should also sit right in the center near where the index finger sits so the knife not only handles well, but it will ride easy on the belt. Both options allow you to carry the Rat 3 horizontally or vertically. BLADE LENGTH: 18 cm. TOPS Knives Bushcraft Pouch SHLLBP-01 Brown Leather with Vertical and Horizontal Carry Belt Loop $26.97. I think the design is versatile, mostly practical and a lot of fun. The fit and finish of this knife is truly impressive, and it was tough enough to handle all the bushcraft tests we threw at it. It could almost be put under the tactical category since the sheath makes it a versatile carry, it’s small enough to conceal, and the handle is fairly grippy. They can be adjusted to belt size with the spacers inside the clip. Click here to read our in depth review of the CRKT Spew. Use the Universal Saya or sheath, to protect and store your larger Shun knives safely and securely. This was mainly in response to a need for a lighter weight and smaller package in my skeletonized knives, and the growth of the dedicated counterterrorism knife necessity, which requires additional release functions and double edge applications. There’s also a little more handle and blade to work with overall, which is nice for actually using the knife, but could create some legal trouble depending on how and where you carry the knife. It is incredibly secure, and with a little practice it is possible to flip the lock with your thumb and draw the knife quickly in one fluid motion. They’ve also made an ankle wrap for it, so there’s a huge range of carry options. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Black leather construction with open end. Around $130 at BHQ. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 24. I won’t speak to the functionality of that view, but I will say that his knives are pretty sweet, and Spyderco takes them to a very functional level. They’ve designed the sheath with about a million carry options. The 1095 high carbon steel blade is thick enough to handle batoning if you decide to pack light and leave the hatchet at home. Available in two versions: the standard dedicated leg rig, and the MALICE clip version which can be attached to modular webbing and features a resin impregnated nylon backer. This would be a lot less awkward to pack when I’m hiking around. If nothing else, they’re fun to play with, but at their best they completely change the way you carry your favorite knife for the better. Take a look at the Southern Grind Jackal Pup for an addition to your list….It is small and has a rather different blade shape. Check out our review of the Esee 4 if you want to learn more about this knife. I would like to introduce you to my concept of universal leather knife sheath. 28 Spec.-Ops® Brand creates combat-grade, rock solid tactical nylon products for organizing weapons and gear that improve performance in the field. While every knife I’ve put on this list should come out of the box with the ability to be carried horizontally, they are not all equal in that capacity. Lots of us have been wanting a bushcraft style knife with a sheath system as versatile as the Gerber Ghostrike, and the Principle definitely delivered. They sound like they daggers, and I’m pretty curious to find out who makes daggers in nylon horizontal carry sheaths. The StrongArm sheath is ambidextrous and MOLLE compatible, so it is incredibly versatile. The Kydex sheath has features that looks to be similar to a Tek Lok design, but with the ability to clip on, so it should be easy to slap onto your belt or MOLLE pack. 3.4 out of 5 stars 34 ratings. Metal pocket clip. These are Model 7 universal sheath and holster spring clips. This specialized thermoplastic is both extremely rigid and easily molded when heated. On most belts the Little River Bowie sags a bit due to the fact that it is not adjustable. Copywriter with vague delusions of grandeur. Or maybe not so surprising, since ESEE has pretty firmly established themselves as a household name in the survival knife world. (Check our Current Deals page for more ammo deals - including bulk ammo), Get 5% off all Creedmoor brand ammo with code CREEDMOOR5, Your email address will not be published. This is why one day I thought, that it would … Obviously you can do a lot with whatever straps happen to be on your rig with the MOLLE back, but if that thing feels too cumbersome you can take it off and slap a Tek Lok on the polypropylene sheath on there without a problem. 99. Will hold medium-large folding knives. The Benefits of Custom Kydex Knife Sheaths. Universal Sheath/Holster Clip Black (Tactical) Finish (3/4 x 3-1/4 x .025) Sold Individually (Qty 1 = 1 Clip) The SBK ships with one of the best production sheaths we have ever tested. Had mine now for four years. Black Polyester MOLLE Compatible Knife Sheath (40066-Black) by Rothco®. This is the Sharpshooter leather sheath in a medium size. LEATHERMAN, Ainsworth Premium Leather Sheath for Multitools, Fits Charge+, Wave +, Wingman,…. If you want to know more about this knife check out our in depth review of the Gerber Principle. Free returns. Your email address will not be published. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. They weren’t fancy and I paid around $10-$15 dollars for them in a pawn shop in Colorado Springs when I was stationed at Fort Carson in the early eighties. Tactical knives are sleek, effective, and multifunctional. Free shipping. It’s starting to feel like no list of fixed-blade knives will be complete without the Guardian 3, no matter how specific it is. The only thing that might hold you back is the size. Read … Watch; Tactical Belly Band Holster Concealed Hand Gun Carry Pistol Waist Hidden Belt US. Tactical Tailor, well-known manufacturer of Berry Compliant tactical gear and combat equipment, is releasing a new Universal Knife Sheath. Fortunately this is a small knife and should ride pretty comfortable on the side or front. Read More. Check out our in depth Buck GCK review to learn more. Free shipping . Knife Sheath Liner Long. Galco SHU, SHUB SHUKA (Shoulder Holster Universal Knife Accessory) Introducing Galco's SHUKA, a shoulder holster universal knife accessory that allows you to wear your knife on your shoulder. It has a strong reversible belt clip that can fit the knife as easily on the belt as on the inside of your waistband. But Schrade makes a lot of decent fixed blades on the cheaper side as well. Once the Universal Knife Sheath goes on sale you will be able to find it under the Modular Pouch category on the Tactical Tailor website. Any talk of “the best tactical knife” is a good way to tell people you bought a katana from the mall when you were 15 and it’s still hanging up in your bedroom right above a pristine copy of The Art of War. If you have a good cord you can run it through the sheath and turn it into an almost universal carry. 1 1/2" Belts; 1 1/4" Belts; 1 3/4" Belts; Active Lifestyle; Ammunition Carriers; ... the Shoulder Holster Universal Knife Accessory. Leatherman Large Sheath 934929 Black Nylon Fits SuperTool, Surge and Signal Leatherman Tools $7.95. The rotating spring clip of the Backpacker Bowie sheath does allow it be carried vertically if that is your preference. The other tip off is the orange-handle version, which is clearly for idiots like me who accidentally drop their knives in the woods all the time and can’t find them beneath the forest foliage. You can use this little thing on all kinds of daily tasks around the house, and a few more out in the bush, although I’d rather not count on it for survival. Read More. “You're going to see a new back piece on this thing that will soon be featured on all kinds of Tactical Tailor gear and it will be light…won't be too much longer before you see an 8″ and 10″ version – watch our Facebook page for that announcement.”. It just fits. Click here to see read our in depth Buck Selkirk Review. Real Steel Knives Tactical Pocket Nylon MOLLE Sheath, Coyote Brow…. The flat grind is great for feather sticking or camp fire food prep. The knife can just be flipped around in its sheath and you are good to go. I feel like there aren’t enough survival and tactical designs out there that use rubber or rubber-like materials. To start, they are durable enough to last a lifetime with almost zero maintenance. It’s pretty different from most leather sheaths you’ll see, and Boker clearly put some thought and pains into making it work for the knife. The sheath might look a little under built for holding a 10-inch knife, but the profile of the knife is pretty slim. Kydex. Universal Fully Adjustable Faux Leather Shoulder Harness Sheath For Sword Or Katana - Scabbard Adjusts From 1" To 2 1/2" - 22 1/4" Overall 4.5 ( 31 reviews) Your Price: The Buck Selkirk has been growing in popularity ever since it was first introduced in 2014 for good reason. Thanks for the tip, David. The handle is a great shape for larger hands. 34 watching. The Tek Lok is adjustable and provides a more snug fit. Aside from the high profile brand behind this knife, the steel makes this Waterway stand out.