She was married to Wilhelm of Jülich-Kleve-Berg to strengthen the Treaty of Venlo. As generalissimo of the imperial army Leopold Wilhelm had wide-ranging powers. The use of noble titles by members of the House of Habsburg is illegal in Austria. He could handle a saber, a pistol, a rudder, or a golf club; he handled women by necessity and men for pleasure. That was the verdict of one French newspaper, anyway, on Wilhelm von Habsburg, whose extraordinary life spanned the period from fin de siècle Vienna to the outbreak of … Karl von Habsburg (born 11 January 1961), referred to in Austria as Karl Habsburg-Lothringen, in France as Charles de Habsbourg-Lorraine, in the Czech Republic as Karel Habsbursko-Lotrinský, in Hungary as Habsburg Károly, and by his royal name as Archduke Karl of Austria, is an Austrian politician, and the current Head of the House of Habsburg, and the Sovereign (i.e. Archduke Wilhelm Franz Karl of Austria-Teschen (German: Erzherzog Wilhelm Franz Karl von Habsburg-Lothringen, 21 April 1827 – 29 April 1894) was an Archduke of Austria from the House of Habsburg. Wilhelm von Habsburg-Lothringen is the great-grandson of Emperor Leopold II and the third cousin of Franz Josef I. Add to Watchlist. Archduke Wilhelm Franz of Austria, later Wilhelm Franz von Habsburg-Lothringen (10 February 1895 – 18 August 1948), also known as Basil the Embroidered (Ukrainian language: Василь Вишиваний), was an Austrian archduke, a colonel of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen, [citation needed] and a poet. View production, box office, & company info What's Streaming Now on Netflix? Sein ukrainischer Traum ist der rote Faden durch Timothy Snyders Biographie dieses eigenwilligen Enkels von Kaiser Franz Josef. Stockholm: Bonnier. 15 lipca 1406 w Wiedniu) – książę austriacki z dynastii Habsburgów, syn Leopolda III, założyciela leopoldyńskiej linii Habsburgów, i księżniczki mediolańskiej Viridis Visconti.. Życiorys. Even more interesting to us is the collaboration of Wilhelm von Habsburg-Lothringen with the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, which began in 1942. She is a male-line granddaughter of the last emperor of Austria-Hungary, Charles I. He married Joan II of Naples (1373-1435) 1401 JL. Snyder uses the life of Wilhelm von Habsburg, the ‘Red Prince’, who chose to become a Ukrainian, and the lives of his brother and father, who became Poles, to show how the Polish Question and the less well-known Ukrainian Question were problems not only for Vienna but also for St Petersburg. Libris länk. ISBN 3-222-12971-1; Snyder, Timothy (2009). Ernst II of Austria 1419 – 1432. Habsburg-Lothringen, Wilhelm Franz Joseph Karl von # * 10. 15 lipca 1406 r.) - książę austriacki i narzeczony Jadwigi Andegaweńskiej. von Ungarn, König von Ungarn 1290 - 1301 ca 1265-1301; Rudolf III. Wilhelm von Habsburg ist eine schillernde Gestalt und Snyder zeigt ihn mit all seinen Gegensätzen. 1 stycznia 1370 r. - zm. ... Wilhelm Von Habsburg-Lothringen in GenealogieOnline Family Tree Index Wilhelm Franz Karl Von Habsburg in GenealogieOnline Family Tree Index . Discover life events, stories and photos about Archduchess Maria von Österreich Herzogin von Jülich, Kleve und Berg (1531–1581) of Bohemia, Holy Roman Empire. Die Verhörprotokolle des früheren sowjetischen Geheimdienstes KGB liegen den Filmemachern vor und geben Einblick in die Persönlichkeit von Wilhelm Franz Joseph Karl Habsburg … He was born on February 10, 1895, near Pula (Istria, modern Croatia) and graduated from the Military Academy in 1915. Habsburg–Tescheni Vilmos Ferenc József főherceg – Wikipédia Genealogy for Leopold Wilhelm von Österreich-Habsburg, Erzherzog, landvoogden van de Nederlanden (1614 - 1662) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. Die Dokumentation „Der König der Ukraine“ über Erzherzog Wilhelm von Habsburg ist die neueste Produktion des Kärntner Regisseurs und Produzenten Gernot Stadler und seines Partners Björn Közl. Archduke Wilhelm Franz Karl of Austria-Teschen (German: Erzherzog Wilhelm Franz Karl von Habsburg-Lothringen, 21 April 1827 – 29 April 1894) was an Archduke of Austria from the House of Habsburg. Katharina von Habsburg 1420 – 1493. Thanks to this cooperation, there were initiated the contacts between the OUN and the French Resistance Movement. Wilhelm von Habsburg - Der König der Ukraine . Wilhelm's immediate family were not in the main line of succession and thus lived out of the public eye as much as was possible for people known as Imperial and Royal Archdukes and Archduchesses.