The nutritional content of Jamun is pretty high, which is why it doesn’t allow the nutritional values of the body to go down. Check it out below. Also, Jamun is used as a tonic for enhanced sexual activities. 6) Excessive consumption of Jamun leads to sore throat and fever. Jamun, also known as Java plum and black plum, is a colorful summer fruit with several benefits. This helps to make your hair healthy and shiny. With aging, it starts showing its effect on the face as well. Plum extracts can help you to get rid of dark spots. The seeds and leaves help in the decreased level of sugar in the urine. Also, it is rich in flavonoid content, oxalic acid, Gallic acid, malic acid, and betulinic acid, which helps it in managing and treating various diseases. It can treat various skin and hair problems. Plum benefits extracts have skin lighting properties. Apply this on your face and keep it for 20-30 minutes. Gargle with the jambul powdered seeds and water. But the wonders of delicious plums are not just restricted to good health and well-being, but have some amazing beauty benefits. We have always talked about the nutritional benefits of the palatable fruit called plum that is commonly known as aloo bukhara. So, it is usually recommended by doctors to not consume Jamun two weeks before and after the delivery. Jamun also aids in maintaining a fair skin complexion. However, specific seasonal problems can be cured because of Jamun. It provides elasticity and strength to the skin. It helps in treating malaria, infection, and other diseases caused by bacteria and fungi. How Many Cups of Chamomile Tea Should You Drink Per Day. The vinegar made from the fruit helps in the prevention of many harmful diseases like chronic diarrhea, urine retention, and spleen infection. Jamun or black plum is also known as 'Fruit Of Gods'. It helps in treating skin woes and improving hair health. Jamun is rich in iron and Vitamin C. It acts as a blood purifying agent. The other conditions that are cured by consuming Jamun are polyuria, irritable bowel syndrome, fatigue, excess salivation, etc. Jamun seed and seed powder have a lot of health benefits. As mentioned earlier, Jamun fruit has a lot of medicinal uses, and so does its seeds and barks. Now take a bowl and add 2 teaspoons of gram flour or besan, 2 teaspoons of jamun seeds powder and milk as required. It comes from the U.S.A. and the maturation period in warm zones is during the last week of June. These are two compounds which are … The Benefits Of Hybrid Plums Many people know about the health benefits of eating Jamun in diabetes condition. If you want to lose your weight then you must eat this fruit, especially during breakfast. It also helps in the prevention of liver diseases. Vitamin C also helps in the production of collagen. This reduction in sugar level can be hazardous for a woman who has delivered a baby. The common names of the fruit include jamun, jambolan, black plum, java plum jambul, rajaman, jambas, jamali, nereda, neval and nerale. Its kernel or seeds are extremely good to control blood sugar levels. This fruit is also good for nourishing your skin. It aids in fighting gum related problems. Side-Effects and Precautions of Black Plum. By continuing to use our website, you agree to our, This website follows the DNPA’s code of conduct. It helps in treating all the digestive disorders. Since this fruit is low in calories, it is a great snack to maintain your weight. How to Use Plums in Recipes. Apart from the day to day life, Jamun is also used in industries where it is used to make colored and flavored jelly. This helps to make your hair healthy and shiny. Dried Plum; They are fruity and juicy plum and basically, uses with other products. It boosts body immunity and aids in the improvement of cellular health, renal and hepatic health, skin care and so on. Though there are some side-effects of black plum, there are many benefits. It treats diarrhea and ulcers. Plum benefits in improving the skin elasticity and create scar tissue and ligaments for quick recovery. Black plum can be used not only for skin but also for hair. Plum Health Benefits The vitamin C in plums helps your body heal, build muscle, and form blood vessels. 7) Again, excessive eating of Jamun can cause accumulation of sputum in the lungs, which is very dangerous. Vinegar or “Sirka” is prepared from the fruit in industries in substantial commercial quantities. Plums Are Good For Our Skin. It is beneficial for hair. As per Indian Holy books, Lord Krishna has the symbol of this fruit in his right foot. You can also buy jamun seeds powder from the market. The Jamun seeds and powders play an essential role in the treatment of pimples. Black plum is a tropical fruit that is high in nutrient content and has many health benefits for the body. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing the appearance of dark spots, under-eye circles, wrinkles and fine lines. This fruit is native to Indian subcontinents and can be found in other regions of South-east Asia like China. Also known as the black plum, the deep-purple fruit is referred to as the 'Fruit of the Gods' and rightly so! To get proper and radiant skin, Jamun needs to be eaten regularly. Pimple is one significant issue for everyone. Think Of Getting Inked Just Like Arjun Kapoor? The nutritional content of this black plum are as follows: calcium (15 mg), iron (1.41 mg), magnesium (35 mg), phosphorous (15 mg), sodium (26.2 mg), vitamin C (18 mg), thiamine (0.019 mg), riboflavin (0.009 mg), niacin (0.245 mg), vitamin B6 (0.038 mg), calories (62 k cal), carbohydrate (14 gm), carotene (48 ug), folic acid (3 mg), fiber (0.6 gm), fat (0.23 gm), protein (0.995 gm), water (84.75 gm). Plums also increase serum levels of adiponectin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar levels . 4) Jamun may solve gastric problems, but eating it in an empty stomach should be avoided. Because of this high flavonoid content, it is a capable, anti-malarial, anti-infective, and anti-bacterial agent. Hence, it is beneficial in keeping the heart-healthy. Here are other ways that plums are good for your health: It is one of the main ingredients of ayurvedic medicines and helps in getting rid of bad breath problems. The Jamboline content helps in the conversion of starch into sugar. If you are getting bored of just eating the fresh plumps again and again, here are some ideas of how to eat plums in a fun way. This can be attributed to the high amount of Vitamin C in plum. After 4-5 uses, you will see a glow in your skin. It is beneficial for hair. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that promotes collagen production in our body by increasing the production of … Jamun Trees bark water also helps in the prevention of gum-related problems, mouth ulceration, and stomatitis. Jamun powder, which is obtained after drying and burning it, helps in checking the gum infection and bleeding. If Jamun barks are boiled in water (also called Jamun bark water), it plays a significant role in treating respiratory issues like bronchitis and asthma. The main benefits of eating plums for skin and hair and you will love plums with the result you see for yourself. Jamun is an ideal substance for maintaining proper oral health. Eating Jamun and using a face pack made of it keeps your skin healthy and beauty intact. For this, collect the jamun seeds or kernels after eating the flesh. If it’s powerful enough to help calm psoriasis and eczema, you know it’ll keep your skin clear and dewy. This purple fruit is tasty, nutritious and good for overall health. The fruit is also used for the preparation of vinegar and excellent quality of the wine. Thus you can prevent wrinkles and maintain the elasticity of the skin by consuming plums. The side-effects can be easily controlled if one follows the guideline for precautions accurately. The polyphenolic compounds found in Black plum are helpful for heart diseases, cancer, asthma, diabetes and arthritis. Fight Diabetes. People with oily skin are often worried about their skin. Fights Signs Of Aging It helps starch to be converted into energy, thereby allowing it to maintain the sugar level in the blood. Jamun is often mistaken by the people to be blackberry, but it is necessary to understand that blackberry comes from a different family altogether. Therefore, roadside black plums must be avoided. Now you add 1 teaspoon of gooseberry juice and 1 teaspoon of rose water to it. This is because of the high level of vitamin C in plum. Applying a paste of Jamun bark with warm water on certain affected parts topically, aids one in relieving pain and inflammation, thereby allowing relaxation to the certain affected parts. It does the job by increasing the production of hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine in our body. It is consumed as a … The inner bark of the kakadu plum tree can cure many skin disorders and infections. Besides, its antioxidant properties protect our hair from sun damage and pollution. 11. It provides relief from stomach pain and acts as anti-scorbutic, carminative and diuretic. Being rich in antioxidants acts as a preventive agent in the development of diseases. Medicinal benefits of Black Plum:-1. The phenolic compounds in plums can be attributed to these effects. Beneficial For Skin And Eyes: Vitamin A is beneficial for the eyes and it is found in abundance in berries. The vitamins and minerals present in it leave you with soft, supple, and nourished skin. It has antioxidant properties, which can inhibit free radicals and helps produce collagen. 3) Jamun is an essential ingredient, which lowers the level of sugar in the blood. (9) Hydrate deeply . It helps in the treatment of an oral cavity. It solves acidity problems. Plum Fruit Benefits For Skin. Though there are some side-effects of black plum, there are many benefits. But by applying a face pack made of jamun, it does not let your old age be seen in the face. The antioxidants present in it are beneficial in improving your skin. Jamun is rich in flavonoid content like oxalic acid, malic acid, gallic acid, and betulinic acid and tannins. (Here are some other … Black plum or jamun can also be used as a face mask! It is most important to keep the skin hydrated during this season. This fruit is also grown in Brazil, as it was invented there by the Portuguese colonies that went there from India. Jamun plays an essential role in the treatment of various digestive disorders like dysentery, spasm bowel movement, and flatulence. Register your company with Plum Benefits, powered by TicketsatWork, and get access to special offers on must-have products and services that are important to your employees. One jamun packs in 1.41 mg of iron, 15 mg of calcium and 18 mg of vitamin-C. Apart from Jamun seeds and powders, Jamun juice is also very healthy for the body. There is a natural solution to these pimple problems, too, and it is Jamun. doctors using expensive intravenous feeding in remote hospitals. Jamun is known to treat a lot of diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, cancer, ulcer, and other heart diseases. If a mixture of honey, Jamun juice, and amla juice is consumed regularly, it can help in improving the body stamina. A 2007 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition evaluated over 4,000 women ages 40–74 and found that higher vitamin C intakes lowered the likelihood of a wrinkled appearance, dryness of the skin and helped naturally slow aging. The java plum fruit or jamun has an impressive nutritional value. The vitamin C content in plums serves as a benefit to the skin and blood vessels. Jamun powder is beneficial not only for your skin and hair but also for your health. Using any information provided by the website is solely at the viewers’ discretion. This is also used to heal wounds, sores and boils. Jamun is found in Florida and is commonly grown in Suriname, Guyana, and Trinidad and Tobago. After keeping it for 20 minutes, wash your face. Read the benefits and uses of Jamun for skincare. Plum is a good source of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in boosting immunity. Jamun is rich in potassium, which keeps aids in preventing heart diseases like cardiac arrest and high blood pressure. There are certain other health benefits too of Jamun bark. That is why plum extracts are used in various cosmetic products. Several face masks can be prepared using various ingredients with Jamun in it, which will help in radiating the skin. Mentioned below is a list of health benefits achieved by black plum or Jamun. Use your reward number to log into the site. As mentioned earlier, a paste of black plum also has a lot of nutritional values. Mix the mixture for a paste-like consistency. In deep purple hue, this wonderful fruit has a sweet and sour taste. This is one of the black plum benefits. Also, if Jamun is consumed regularly, it will help in the prevention of the hardening of arteries. It helps in reducing acne. Also, if one eats Jamun regularly, then his vision will be stronger than others. It is also great for wounds as it speeds up healing and the formation of scar tissue. It was exported to foreign lands by the Indian emigrants and is present in British countries in its common tropical form. To make a face pack of Jamun for oily skin, extract the flesh of jamun and collect it in a bowl. This is proven to be an excellent wound healer and to help treat psoriasis. However, today we will uncover the skincare and beauty benefits of black plum aka Jamun. It strengthens your oral muscles. Black Plum has many health benefits. It acts as a coolant for the digestive system. Both the fruits and leaves from Jamun plant are beneficial for treating diabetes. For which black plums are the best as these contain vitamin A and vitamin C, both of which are beneficial for your skin. The oily skin problems can be controlled with a paste of Jamun, barley flour, rose water, and almond oil. Jamun is rich in anthocyanin pigment, which has high antioxidant content. They are also among the earliest grown fruits. It helps to fight against the free radicals that cause damage to the body. Skin Benefits of Plums: Anti Ageing and Wrinkles Skin: The presence of Vitamin E and beta-carotene in plum help the body to fight against the signs of aging skin. HR Representatives: Sign Up Your Company. The main secrets behind a radiant and youthful complexion are hydration and also plum has excellent moisturizing properties. 2) Black plum is no suitable for pregnant women; hence, it should be actively prevented by breastfeeding and pregnant women as it may cause damage to the child. Seasonal problems are one significant issue faced by almost everyone. All possible measures have been taken to ensure accuracy, reliability, timeliness and authenticity of the information; however does not take any liability for the same. One black plum contains about 1.41 mg of iron, 15 mg of calcium, and 18 mg of vitamin C. It is also a rich source of B vitamins. Plum can also help reverse adrenal gland fatigue. The fiber in plums can also help – it slows down the rate at which your body absorbs carbs. It is easily available. Jamun also provides melanin to the skin and also treats leukoderma. The plum fruits differ in color and size according to the region of origin. Plum Benefits is a unique benefit offered exclusively to companies and their employees. Applying plum pulp on the face lightens dark spots and treats skin discoloration, freckles, and age spots to give you younger-looking and healthy skin. Jamun essentially helps in reducing the symptoms of diabetes like thirst and frequent urination. Java plum is a fruit that has several health benefits. Also, Jamun is used as a tonic for enhanced sexual activities. One medium-sized fresh plum contains 104 mg of potassium, a mineral that helps manage high blood pressure and reduce stroke risk. Regular consumption of plum juice makes our skin health better, rejuvenates our appearance, is very effective for improving the firmness of our skin and for making our skin tone better. For this, you can apply a face pack made of black plum on your skin. It's great for your eyes, too. It is also effective to prevent or control fungal and bacterial infections. Digestion It contains Vitamin C which helps to produce collagen, which is good for keeping your scalp and hair better and healthy. The plum benefits are remarkable. It comes from the flowering plant family known as Myrtaceae. The side-effects can be easily controlled if one follows the guideline for precautions accurately. The numerous vitamins, antioxidants and minerals contained in plums help to maintain a healthy, radiant and younger looking skin. It is mentioned in Srimad Bhagavatam’s commentaries. Fruits have been given a lot of importance in Ayurveda as they have cleansing, strengthening, and energizing properties. Not only does it treat kidney disorders, diabetes, and heart diseases, but it also plays an essential role in the treatment of various diseases too. Jams, squash, and candies are also prepared from Jamun after mixing it with ingredients like sodium benzoate, citric acid, sugar, and water. Jamun can be enjoyed in various ways, in a fruit salad, as the seed powder and in jellies and pickles. It is also effective against bowel spasm, flatulence, dysentery and stomach ailments. Therefore, excess use must be avoided to avoid cold and chest pain. Everything has two phases, a good and a bad. Here are some of the health benefits of jamun or black plum. On the list of most widely grown fruits in the world, plums take the second place after apples. Similarly, despite so many health benefits, there are so many side-effects of consuming black plum that one needs to take care of. Also, the iron content of Jamun helps in increasing the hemoglobin content of the body. Vitamin C lowers the appearance of wrinkles, dry skin, and aging. It can also be found in Queensland. Jamun juice has one of the best aesthetic benefits. Jamun bark also treats intestinal worming, gum problems, and urinary disorders. Jamun vinegar is good to reduce enlargement of the spleen, diarrhea, and who has urine retention problems. After that, wash your face with normal water. 13. - Health Benefits … It also plays a significant role in the prevention of gall bladder stones. Now let us see what are nutritions in plums with plum fruit benefits for the skin.. Nutritional benefits of Plums. The best benefit of Java plum or jamun is that it is essential in preventing cancer, diabetes, helps maintain heart health, useful for constipation, improves skin, bone and tooth health, and treats headache etc.. Apart from this, mineral and vitamin C is also found in Black Plum which is also good for the skin. Black Plum helps to increase the hemoglobin levels in the body. The plum vinegar also prevents the enlargement of the spleen. Black plum, popularly known as Jamun, is one of the favorite fruits of Indians. Being a powerhouse of antioxidants, plum is highly beneficial for the natural treatment of osteoporosis, cancer, eye problems, obesity, diabetes, cardiac disorders and more. To make jamun face pack, dry the kernels in the sun and prepare its powder. This variety has black color, big size, round shape, a bit flattened. Plum benefits for hair. Here’s All You Need To Know Before Getting A Tattoo, World ORS Day 2019: Know How ORT And ORS Helps Save Lives, This website uses cookie or similar technologies, to enhance your browsing experience and provide personalised recommendations. Jamun plays an essential role in the treatment of various digestive disorders like dysentery, spasm bowel movement, and flatulence. Plums can also increase insulin sensitivity – thereby aiding diabetes treatment . It is a fruit consumed in the tropical regions. 21 Health Benefits of Eating Black Plum (Jamun). There are not one or two but many benefits of plum oil for skin and hair. In case of any medical exigencies/ persistent health issues, we advise you to seek a qualified medical practitioner before putting to use any advice/tips given by our team or any third party in form of answers/comments on the above mentioned website. It treats acidity, hence it is good for both the mouth and the teeth. Jamun is an essential source of nutrients. Jamun juice helps in removing disorders like weakness, anemia, memory level, and also aids in the treatment of sexual weakness. Rich in omega fatty acids, vitamins A and E, Plum oil helps heal and hydrate dry skin, hair and even nails . Collagen is a structural protein. The black plum is known to relieve stomach pain, carminative, anti-scorbutic, and diuretic. The pulp is amber; the firm flesh is not adhered to the bone and has wonderful taste. 2. Not a member but have a reward card? The dried alcoholic seeds substantially reduce the blood sugar level. For oral problems:-Massage the ash of Jambul leaves on teeth and gums. It makes the immunity system of the body strong enough to fight against common seasonal diseases. A face pack made of berries helps remove all stains from your face and enhancing your skin. Jamun or Black plum is an important summer fruit, associated with many health and medicinal benefits. If a paste of Jamun powder and cow milk is applied on the face before bedtime, it can help in preventing most of the face problems. If black plum vinegar is taken with warm water twice a day, it will help to increase the appetite level and also aid in curing constipation. It is rich in iron content and helps in purifying; therefore, it helps in providing a natural glow to the skin. Therefore, one can apply a homemade mask once a week with this powerful and wonderful ingredient. Well, plums offer much more than that. It provides a sensation of calmness, which helps in the prevention of inflammation. Black plum can be used not only for skin but also for hair. 5) Milk and Jamun powder can be consumed together, but taking milk after eating Jamun is strongly restricted. One of the major benefits of plums for our skin is that it has the ability to improve firmness of our skin, and also improves skin tone. Since Jamun is found during summers, it can be of great help for treating the summer season issues. This is very crucial for stopping hair break and encourages more hair growth since the … This anti-oxidant content of the body helps in the prevention of harmful effects caused due to free radicals like premature aging, and other active dangerous infections. Jamun has a lot of medicinal benefits. It is also a rich source of B vitamins. Yes, it offers some amazing skincare and beauty benefits. 6. Black plum vinegar or “Kala Jamun ka Sirka” has its specific benefits. (2) Improves Skin Firmness & Skin Tone. If a combination of Jamun seed powder and yogurt consumed regularly, it could prove beneficial for the treatment of harmful kidney disorders. But jamun can help in reducing excess oil from your skin. Plums are extremely nutritious, with a variety of health benefits to offer. Also, if Jamun bark water is consumed with honey regularly twice a day, then it can cure leucorrhoea in the case of women. Black plum is a substantial summer fruit which is related with various health benefits. Jamun can be enjoyed in various ways, in a fruit salad, as the seed powder and in jellies and pickles. Now that you know all those great benefits of plums for your body, skin and hair, you can include this healthy fruit in your meals, snacks or desserts just to add more nutrition to them. It is a much-known fact that the water which was boiled with Jamun bark will have essential nutritional benefits. Here are some amazing health benefits of jamuns or black plums: 1. If Jamun juice is diluted with water and applied gently on the affected areas, then it will play an essential role in the treatment of ringworm. For solving skin issues: Go-to plum oil brand, Le Prunier, suggests mixing a drop or two in with your face cream, foundation or body lotion for added benefits and a dose of good-for-you antioxidants. Jamun is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients and hence plays an essential role in the treatment of eye diseases. Skin infections. Free radicals are very much harmful to the body. Because of the low glycemic index, Jamun should be consumed regularly during the summer season. Vitamin C is a strong anti oxidant that boosts the collagen production. It has astringent properties that help it in the prevention of acne, wrinkles, and pimples. Black plum or Jamun fruit is seasonal and it comes with the onset of monsoon. Plums contain high contents of vitamin C that serve great benefits to the skin. It cannot be denied that the most significant advantage of Jamun is its anti-diabetic properties. Plums health benefits includes promoting weight loss, supporting healthy pregnancy, promoting blood flow, preventing macular degeneration, promoting cellular health, fighting cancerous cells, preventing influenza, maintaining psychological health, boosting metabolic rate, helps absorb iron, helps balance electrolyte, promote flawless skin, and restore hair shine. Santa Rosa. The side effects of black plum consumption include: 1) Roadside black plum may contain substantial lead and other metal contents. All these prepared face masks help in maintaining the quality of the skin. It is also grown in Hawaii. It helps in solving all similar throat issues. It is a Japanese plum with a big, round and hearted fruit. It can also be applied as a face mask if mixed with milk. The Jamun tree in itself is so full of uses that one cannot thank it enough for its contributions. Since Jamun is rich in polyphenol, it is an ideal anti-cancerous substance. It is a rich source of Vitamin A and C that helps in maintaining eye health. It is helpful to treat all kinds of oral disorders like halitosis, oral cancer and many more. In case of pyorrhoea, take the juice of ripe black plum and gargle with it. Skin Benefits Of Plums. Jamun is a rich source for ayurvedic medicines. This fruit, which is found in various places of the world, has the scientific name, Syzygium Cumini. [ Read: Honeysuckle Benefits] 7.